For us, a strong team is the foundation of success. With a lot of know-how and experience under their belts, our certified Amazon PPC experts help you achieve - or even exceed - your goals on Amazon. Whether Amazon Advertising, Content Creation or Data Analysis - together we work on the development of customized strategies that bring your brand to the forefront on the world's largest online marketplace.



„Whether you think you can or you can‘t, you‘re right.“

About me

The love for numbers and systems brought our co-founder Julian into performance marketing. He has been working in the Amazon environment for eight years and is an expert when it comes to optimizing campaigns in the best possible way. As a passionate tennis player and big fan of Roger Federer, Julian doesn't shy away from challenges and with this attitude he has successfully brought every customer into the Amazon business so far. At Salesboat he is not the "boss", but works as a sparring partner together with his team to find the best solutions for our customers. He is also the father of two dog ladies.

Three keywords about Julian

Amazon Advertising Nerd,  Client Success Officer, Team Player



„Put your energy into the right people.“

About me

Rudolf grew up in the mountains of South Tyrol and settled in Vienna. After various positions in sales, he followed his passion for entrepreneurship and initially helped to build up companies in the food sector and now in e-commerce. At Salesboat, Rudolf is mainly responsible for numbers and customer satisfaction, in addition to various other matters.

Three keywords about Rudolf

Strategy, Sales, Client Success


Senior Account Manager

„SEO is not about optimzing for search, it‘s about optimizing for people.“

About me

She changes her hair color every month, but professionally she keeps it more consistent. Before joining Salesboat, she worked at an advertising agency and on the Amazon Search Advertising team. She not only shares her experience with our clients, but also uses it to optimize internal processes to make life easier for the whole team. In her private life, Monika enjoys learning about new places and cultures while traveling or letting her creativity run wild while designing string art.

Three keywords about Monika

Amazon Ads Expert, AMS & DSP Enthusiast


Account Manager

„Take care to get what you like, or you‘ll be forced to like what you get.“

About me

Patrick has several years of experience and has completed various trainings and further education in e-commerce. He has more than 10 years of experience as a general manager in the stationary and online sector and brings a concentrated load of business knowledge. He has been with Salesboat since the end of 2021 and works together with the team on the perfect appearance of all customers on Amazon, intervenes immediately if there are problems with the account or Amazon, sets up new processes and optimizes them for the customer so that they become maximally profitable. In his private life Patrick likes to travel the world and nature and explore our wonderful planet and its cultures.

Three keywords about Patrick

Amazon Account Management, Amazon SEO, Amazon Marketing


Account Manager

„The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.“

About me

Thanks to Thomas, every video on YouTube about digital marketing has at least one click. He was already an enthusiast for the topic in his school days and made use of his knowledge in various projects of his own. At Salesboat, he not only takes care of optimizing our clients' campaigns, but also keeps the team in a good mood. Almost as big as his passion for marketing is Thomas' love for sweets. He fights his addiction with sports in his free time. To calm down, he does yoga, contemplates the meaning of life, or discusses politics.

Three keywords about Thomas

Listing Expert, Amazon Advertising, Performance Marketing

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