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More sales, less ACOS - that is our goal. We are a performance marketing agency with a focus on PPC optimisation and structured campaign management. As specialists for the entry of internationally active customers into the German-speaking Amazon marketplace, we are happy to help you carry out your expansion plans. We scale your campaigns profitably across all Amazon EU and US markets.

Unbeatable, without set-up fees or long-term commitment.

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SNS Commerce

European expansion for multi-faceted lifestyle brand portfolio with 100% ACoS compliance.


400 % more ad revenue


100 % compliance with target ACoS


800 new campaigns

Working with Salesboat has been a complete success in every way, taking ad sales for our Amazon Europe account to a whole new level. What's more, with exactly the ACoS we had had in mind. With regard to communication and support, we also felt that we were in the best of hands. We can really only recommend the team to any Amazon merchant who wants to make time for their priorities and know that their ad management is in competent hands.

Jakob Rieder
Co-founder & authorized signatory SNS Commerce GmbH

Why Salesboat for your Marketing on Amazon?

Our results speak for themselves. With over 30 successfully scaled brands and years of Amazon PPC and DSP marketing experience behind us, we have the formula for measurable and long-term success on Amazon.

5.000 - 600.000 €

Ad revenue generated per month per customer

ø 12.1%

We deliver ACOS results


More than 30 brands scaled

Over 8 years of

Amazon PPC experience

Our guiding star:
Performance only

If you claim performance as your watchword, you have to be measured by it.

Simply put: sales growth and cost reduction. Because only then will our fee be due. As a percentage of your revenue and exactly as calculated in advance. That's our credo.

Sounds good?
It will be.

A Proven

Advertising on Amazon is becoming increasingly complex and involves more and more challenges. In order to remain visible and, above all, competitive on the platform in the long term, it takes well thought-out Amazon PPC management with vision. Through our holistic, performance-oriented marketing strategy and data-driven decisions, we achieve sustainable and long-term growth for start-ups as well as established brands on Amazon. No matter what your goals are, we'll get the most out of your portfolio.

Best Practice Scaling Approach

With over 20 profitable growth strategies, we scale your Amazon PPC campaigns in a structured, efficient and sustainable way. Individually, tailored to you and your marketing goals.

State-of-the-Art Software Usage

More than 5 special tools support us in the daily optimization of your campaigns. Based on AI-generated improvement suggestions, we efficiently steer your Amazon advertising measures towards growth and lasting profitability.

Efficient Cost Control

With the help of suitable advertising formats, active bid management and our ongoing monitoring of your Amazon campaigns, we keep track of all costs and utilize your budget optimally, efficiently and transparently.

Maximum Revenue Growth

By leveraging hidden performance drivers, we create maximum visibility for your brand on Amazon and holistically help your portfolio achieve more growth and increased overall efficiency.


We manage all
advertising formats

As a full-service agency for marketing on Amazon, Amazon advertising is what we do best. This means that we focus one hundred percent on achieving your sales goals on the marketplace with the strategies that best fit your individual portfolio. Whether Amazon Sponsored Ads or Amazon DSP Ads - with our profound knowledge of Amazon PPC and DSP marketing and our extensive experience, we develop solutions for you that bring your Amazon business profitably to the top.

Sponsored Products

Especially for newly launched products it can be difficult to achieve the first necessary sales to be displayed high up in the organic search results on Amazon. Sponsored Product Ads are one of the most effective ways to introduce a new product to potential customers. They are played out both in search results and on product pages of similar products. As part of Amazon pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, they allow bids to be placed for specific keywords to achieve maximum visibility in Amazon's rankings.

Sponsored Brands

Sponsored Brand Ads put your brand front and center. Their attractive placement at the top of Amazon search results and flexible ad format design options make them a great way to increase awareness of your brand or product portfolio. They blend seamlessly with or appear in front of organic search results, directing potential customers directly to your storefront, landing page, or one of your products. Sponsored Brands campaigns are also keyword-based and billed according to the CPC model.

Sponsored Display

Amazon Sponsored Display Ads allow advertisers to show their products or brand to shoppers both on Amazon itself and outside the platform. These ads appear within Amazon on product detail pages. Alternatively, they can be played outside of Amazon and then direct users to your product detail page via a link. They allow you to target customers based on their interests or shopping behavior and are not based on keywords, but on product- or category-specific targeting.

Programmatic Advertising

Amazon Demand-Side-Platform (DSP)

The Amazon DSP (Demand-Side Platform) is a digital advertising platform that enables advertisers to programmatically buy and display ads across a variety of digital channels, including Amazon-owned properties and numerous third-party websites and apps. So unlike "classic" advertising on Amazon, it is possible here to reach customers outside of Amazon. The billing model is also different here - it is not billed according to the number of clicks (cost-per-click), but the impressions (cost-per-mille).

A major benefit of Amazon DSP advertising is the tremendous amount of exclusive customer insights and audience building options that enable very precise targeting along the entire customer journey, from brand building to remarketing and upselling. This is a very effective way to develop new target groups, increase conversions and achieve numerous other advertising goals.

Access to detailed performance data enables real-time campaign optimization and data-driven ad spend decisions. Using automated campaign placement and real-time bidding, your campaign is played out to the customers most likely to convert, making the most of your budget.

Overall, Amazon DSP is a powerful tool for advertisers who want to increase their reach far beyond the possibilities of sponsored ads campaigns and thus increase their ROI. However, it is a very complex platform that only companies with the appropriate expertise have access to.

As DSP advertsing specialists we are pleased to be able to offer you this service due to our extensive experience.

Video Ads

Amazon Video Ads offer the opportunity to promote your products on Amazon's own websites and apps, the Fire TV, and external websites. This advertising format is very suitable for spreading your own brand message. Video ads are also booked via the Amazon DSP and are available in various formats and for a wide range of targeting goals. By automatically playing the videos to potential customers, advertisers can use Amazon Video Ads to deliver their messages very precisely to relevant target groups.

3 Step

1. Free Analysis of Status Quo
In the course of an audit, we transparently map the status quo of your campaigns and your product portfolio. This already reveals the first performance potentials.
2. Roadmap Definition
Based on your goals, we design a concrete action plan around key growth drivers for your product portfolio. With quantifiable success factors right from the start.
3. Transparent Cost Overview
After personal consultation with you, your strategic concept will receive the finishing touches. Don't forget: Performance Only - our fee is 1:1 and individually tied to your success. If our work doesn't show results, you don't pay anything.

Get a forecast of how much we can increase your profit.